Bespoke timber & alluminium windows & doors


High quality accessories provide the finishing touches for Lemon Glass windows and doors

Great ironmongery.

Beautiful new windows or doors are the basic clothing for your property, but as any stylish dresser knows, a whole new level of elegance can be achieved by adding the right accessories.

At Lemon Glass, we’ve selected a range of hardware and ironmongery that will perfectly complement your doors and windows, whatever style suits you best.

Quality hardware to suit every taste:

Quality hardware to suit every taste

Sash window and casement window hardware is available in the following styles:

  • Modern style
  • Secured by design style
  • Traditional style.

We also offer restrictors for day-to-day safety at your property.

French door hardware products include:

  • Multi-point door locks
  • Anti-snap locks
  • Anti-drill locks
  • Restrictors
  • Adjustable hinges

Sliding and bi-fold door hardware products

Handles and accessories to suit the materials and style of your doors.


At Lemonglass, we work with just three carefully selected ironmongery producers, in order to ensure that only the best, hand-crafted products are used.

All of our products are given working life tests for up to 30,000 cycles and are available in ferritic as standard or austenitic stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance.

We offer 10-year or even 12-year guarantees on our ironmongery products, dependent on which material is chosen. Our consultants will be happy to give you full details upon request, and guide you to the most suitable options for your needs.

For more details of Lemon Glass products and services, or to get a free, no-obligation quote, contact Lemon Glass today on 01727 532011 or

Bespoke timber & alluminium windows & doors